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2016 Contest Prep Week 4

Week 3 was relatively uneventful. So, I didn't feel like an update was needed since I didn't have much to write about. However, week 4 is a different story all together. I actually had a small weight increase. But that has now been corrected. Here's how I did it.

2016 Contest Prep Week 2

Here I am after almost two weeks of contest prep. I started at 206lbs and a 33.7" waist. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 201.4lbs with a 33.5" waist. So, things are definitely moving in the right direction. But with almost 24-weeks left, I still have a long way to go.  Read on to see what happened this week.

2016 Contest Prep Week 1

Last week I started contest prep for the 2016 bodybuilding season. The funny thing was, yesterday I had a powerlifting competition. And what's more is that when I started contest prep last week, I was 206lbs, but I compete at 198lbs in powerlifting. Needless to say, it made for an interesting week.

PB & Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

A few weeks ago I saw a post on a simple way to make your own ice cream without actually having to make ice cream. And of course I instantly thought, "I wonder if I could make a high-protein version of that!" And you know what, I did! And I made it peanut butter and chocolate flavor!